Faust's Potions are a unique blend of nutritional supplements, vitamins, antioxidants and herbs, tailor-made for discerning nightowls.

Our Recovery Pack, which contains one Awake Potion and one Asleep Potion, is designed to help you through the aftermaths of a big night and avoid the storms of those dreaded hangovers, by giving your body what it needs to recover quickly.

If you love staying up late nurturing your mind and your soul, Faust's Recovery Pack may help nurture your body when you need it most.

As well as being a restorer of the system, Faust's combo of potions is also a natural remedy for jetlag, lowness of spirits and general exhaustion.  


Faust's Recovery Pack and Potions 


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Only one of our needs is known to you;
You must not learn the other, oh beware!
In me there are two souls, alas, and their
Division tears my life in two.
One loves the world, it clutches her, it binds
Itself to her, clinging with furious lust;
The other longs to soar beyond the dust
Into the realm of high ancestral minds.
Are there no spirits moving in the air,
Ruling the region between earth and sky?
Come down then to me from your golden mists on high,
Give me a magic cloak to carry me
Away to some far place, some land untold,
And I'd not part with it for silk or gold
Or a king's crown, so precious it would be!

Goethe's Faust, lines 1110-25